Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Race to 2000...Giveaway Annoucement

We all set goals (at least most of us).  Some we actually achieve and some we have to revisit and revise.  One of my goals was to hit 2000 subscribers on my YouTube Channel by April 19th (that was my birthday).  I realized however at the beginning of the month that achieving this goal by the 19th was not going to happen, so I revisited and revised it.  My new goal is to reach 2000 or more subscribers by May 1st. This is SO doable with your help and a GIVEAWAY, I am already so close!  I ordered a BUNCH of stuff from the Stampin’up! Retirement list and I am packing it all up into individual goodie bags to giveaway.  I will post a video announcing the giveaway this afternoon but basically, you need to subscribe or be a subscriber to my channel (I will verify before awarding), and leave a comment on this blog post or the giveaway video when it posts about a goal you set and achieved or revised.  I will pick 3 winners AFTER I reach 2000 subscribers. In addition, if you place an order with me using the Hostess Code: SPUWKNT9 between now and May 10th, I will send you a goodie bag for every $25 you spend.

Thanks for following me on this journey and good luck!



  1. Good luck on your reaching your goal!!! You can do it!!! ...Gina F

  2. i would like yo win the goodie bag

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  4. You did it. A good example of adjusting your goal and making it.