Thursday, January 9, 2014

Happy New Year???

Happy New Year fellow crafters....I can't believe it is already the 9th of January.  My intention come the first of the year was to start blogging and crafting on a regular basis.  Well here were are in the second week of January and this is my first post and I have nothing to show in terms of projects!  So the kids went back to school for one day and then we got hit with a series of bad weather which kept them out of school for 3 additional days.  Yesterday was the first day back and I had one of my kids home sick.  Today however was the first day I have been alone in my house for nearly 3 weeks.  I would love to spend some time crafting, but having the kids home from school for almost 3 weeks has created a bit of chaos in this house.  So my first order of business is to get things back to a fairly normal working/living environment.  So my plan is to tackle one area at a time until I can get everything back in order.  One thing I wanted to start spending more time on this year is scrapbooking, so you will probably start seeing more layouts in addition to my cards and other home decor items.  My dear hubby takes so many great pictures, I feel like I really need to start showcasing them (at least the family photos).  I will post photo's as often as possible, but I want to try and get 2 to 3 posts per week (which means I am crafting that much as well).  I figure if I start out with small goals and accomplish them, it makes the larger goals that much easier to reach.

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